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However, no data on the concentrations in prostate tissue in humans is available.

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Therefore, the concentrations of isoflavones and lignans in plasma and prostatic tissues according to the prostate volume were compared to determine their possible effect on the benign prostatic growth. METHODS Fasting plasma and prostatic tissue specimens were acquired from 25 men over 50 years of age with similar normal dietary habits and no previous history of drug intake that could affect the isoflavones and lignans levels.

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Quantitative analysis of the isoflavones, specifically equol, daidzein and genistein and lignans, particularly enterodiol and enterolactone, was performed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. However, the mean prostatic concentration of genistein was significantly lower in the BPH group than in the control group The plasma concentration of isoflavones and lignans in the two groups were comparable. More studies to further clarify the roles and mechanisms of isoflavone action on BPH including pharmacokinetic studies are recommended.

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