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Winner Sumarul concursului I'd like to create mail-delivery prostate cancer urine tests for men.

am 24 de ani si am prostatita

My plan is to exchange the cup design for a stick or something that men can "aim" for. The issue is, the generic stick design looks too much like a pregnancy test.

I want this to look more masculine and be more user-friendly for pregnancy test prostate cancer male.

simptome de prostatită la bărbați

Requirements: - A 3D model of the prostate cancer urine test design - An explanation of the mechanics - Size specs - Recommended material for the test if possible - This must be an innovative and new design it can't be the same design as existing urine tests in the market Design requests: - The test nimesil și prostatita be easy to post ideally a pregnancy test prostate cancer that can fit in a flat package or thin box - This will be a premium test around SGD20so the design needs to reflect this - This is will be an easy-to-use test, so ideally it will be all-in-one rather than something that requires multiple steps - Modern, sleek and masculine design it can't look like a pregnancy test - Must be original please do not use an existing design as I was this to be differentiated in the marketplace While I'm thinking of removing the cup component as I feel this could make things messier than easierI'm open to designs with a cup if there's a good rationale.

I'm also open to new suggestions for the material of the test. I've attached the existing prototype ugly and not easily portableplus my own attempt at packaging design VERY open to improvements.

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