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Dopamine agonists DA prevent tumor growth, but usually suppress prolactin PRL both in mother and fetus. Possible long-term consequences on fetal development remain unknown.

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Other 26 pregnancies in 21 patients were incompletely evaluated and included only in the pregnancy outcome and cure rate analysis. Treated patients were compared with the control group Y 8 women with PRM who discontinued DA after pregnancy induction 9 pregnancies and a control group Z of 46 healthy pregnant women, randomly selected from two departments of Obstetrics.

Patients with multiple pregnancies were recorded in each corresponding study group.

Two patients with PRM-induced neuroophthalmic syndrome were successfully treated with DA throughout 1 and respectively 3 terapia complexă a prostatitei cronice. Maintaining physiological serum PRL levels during pregnancy frequently with low doses of DA prevented tumor growth, avoiding a PRL suppression that may have subtle influence on long-term foetal development. Radiological evidence for regression of prolactinoma after treatment with bromocriptine.

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