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For permission for commercial use of this work, please see paragraphs 4. Material and Methods: We evaluated cases nodules using conventional ultrasound 2Breal-time Doppler evaluation 4D respectively, real-time elastography, using a linear multifrequency probe and a prostate nodule ultrasound volumetric probe Hitachi Prerius Machine, Hitachi Inc, Japan.

The results were compared with the pathology results, considered the golden standard diagnosis.

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Results: The prevalence of malignant nodules was The diagnostic power differences were observed regardless of the nodule size. Conclusion: Advanced ultrasound techniques did add diagnostic value in the presurgical risk assessment of the thyroid nodules. Also, the nodular size threshold required for FNAC recommendation is different in the two major guidelines: in the case of very low-risk nodules: 2.

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The only category where the same threshold size is recommended is the high-risk category, in which all nodules bigger than 1 cm need further evaluation with FNAC. Written informed consent was obtained from all patients prior to inclusion. Patients The study group included patients with a solid nodular goiter examined in our Ultrasound evaluation Unit between January and June For each case, a pathology report was obtained and was considered the golden standard for further analysis.

The exclusion criterion was the absence of a pathology report. In cases with a multinodular goiter, the nodule with a high radioterapia prostata opiniones on ultrasound evaluation according prostate nodule ultrasound our criteria was considered for statistical analysis. FNAC was not performed in all cases due to lack of acceptance, 51 cases, or no need in multinodularity associated with compression or autonomy, 34 cases.

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Rapid growth, uninodular lesion with autonomy, intermediate and high-risk ultrasound patterns were the indication FNAC. SE was performed using mild external pressure. Volumetric Doppler evaluation offers a tri-dimensional image of the scanned region, with the nodule in the center of the image, the rotational scanning, in all three axis, if needed, in order to evaluate the degree of vascularization spreading from the surrounding thyroid parenchyma into the nodular lesion.

Figures 1 and 2 present differences 2b versus 1b observed in volumetric Doppler images, compared with the similar monoplane CD pattern 1a and 2a. For this reason, we used volumetric Doppler evaluation instead of monoplane Doppler evaluation.

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Slices of 0. In cases with abundant vascularization, the volumetric view was completed, as previously described28 with the biplane combined views, observing all the planes from one border to the opposite border of the nodule.

B Low intra- and peri-nodular vascularisation observed on 3D examination same thyroid nodule. Figure 2 A Low intra- prostate nodule ultrasound peri-nodular vascularisation observed in 2D examination.

B Increased intra- and peri-nodular vascularisation observed in 3D examination same nodule.

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Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management submit your manuscript www. Surgical Intervention The surgeon of our team performed unilateral lobectomy or total thyroidectomy. Pathology Examination Thyroid pathology specialists, in the Pathology Department, made the pathology diagnosis.

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Clinical and laboratory characteristics of the patients were expressed as a mean, standard deviation SDmedian, and range. In cases with multinodular goiter, we used, in the statistical analysis, only the characteristics of the diagnostic nodule, the nodule considered as conclusive for the diagnosis in the pathology report.

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Results From the total of analyzed patients, we analyzed nodules. We used a stepwise evaluation of the nodules. After initial grayscale evaluations, when considering the elastographic and volumetric characteristics, we reassess the risk category. Risk upgrade was made in 9.

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Risk downgrade was made in A B Figure 3 2B Intermediate risk nodule with normal volumetric aspect B and normal stiffness A ES color map 1 and 2 code is reconsidered as a low-risk lesion. A B C D Figure 4 Low-risk nodules A with increased stiffness B and increased vascularization in volumetric evaluation C versus color Doppler D were reconsidered as intermediate risk lesions. Figure 3 presents a case of risk downgrade because of low stiffness and low vascularization in volumetric Doppler.

Figure 4 presents a case with a risk upgrade, from a low-grade lesion, because of an increased US stiffness and increased vascularization volumetric evaluation. The same upgrade is described in Figure 5, but from an intermediate grade lesion, because of an increased US stiffness A B and increased vascularization volumetric evaluation.

The risk upgrade was considered lista cu prostatite rele in the presence of only one high-risk characteristic, increased volumetric prostate nodule ultrasound, despite the normal stiffness and the intermediate-risk category, according to the conventional US characteristics, as seen in Figure 6.

The results are presented in Table 3. We did consider low-risk nodules as a predictor for benign lesions.

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Since intermediaterisk category is a gray zone of predictive diagnostic, when evaluating the prediction of malignancy, we performed 2 separate prostate nodule ultrasound considering just the high-risk nodules as suggestive for malignancy and considering intermediate and high-risk nodules suggestive for malignancy. We combined conventional ultrasound recommended parameters17—20,30 with high stiffness18,22,23 on elastography and alteration in the thyroid capsule integrity or increased intranodular vascularization observed on the real-time tri-dimensional technique.

Dovepress Stoian et al A B C D Figure 6 Intermediate risk case A was reconsidered as high risk, in the presence of high-risk volumetric characteristics B despite intermediate stiffness C. Our results were similar to other integrated thyroid nodule models,22 describing a Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management characteristics in all used ultrasound techniques grayscale, elastography and volumetric evaluation.

The results are explained by downgrading the risk category, using mainly the elastography details.