Urine test for prostate problems. The prostate adenoma (enlargement). Urinary problems and solutions for it.

Pasterur nr. Pinworms generally live in the gastrointestinal tract but ectopic sites such as appendix are frequently mentioned for these nematodes.

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The female Enterobius vermicularis migrates nightly to the perianal area to deposit her eggs, but some băi cu radon pentru prostatita cronică find their way into adjacent orifices, most commonly the female genitourinary tract, producing an array of symptoms.

We present a case report of a massive infestation of urinary bladder leading to nocturnal enuresis in a 20 years old otherwise healthy female.

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Keywords: enuresis, intestinal parasitosis, antihelmintic drug. From patient history we found out that she has urinary sphincter control since 5- years ago when she started to present involuntary miction during night, especially those days when she was under physical or emotional stress.

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She was diagnosed as having Enterobius vermicularis E. The treatment seamed efficient for a short period of time, after which the symptoms reemerged.

The patient underwent several antiparasitic treatments, each time in monotherapy, without repetition of the dosages after weeks.

Request appointment The prostate adenoma enlargement. Urinary problems and solutions for it. Enlarged prostate may represent an obstacle to the elimination of urine. The patient begins to notice that the urinary stream is weaker or interrupted, that it takes more time emptying the bladder or he has to wait a while to start urination. Sometimes the patient remains with the feeling that the bladder is not completely empty.

There are no signs of enuresis within the patient family. Patient physical examination shows no sign of abnormality either physical or mental. She was harmoniously developed according with age, only psychically depressed about her situation with the bed wetting.

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  • Boli de ficat de vezicã biliarã si inflamatii la nivelul aparatului urinar; Gallbladder, liver disease and inflammation in the urinary tract ; Este un supliment alimentar sub formă de capsule destinat menţinerii stării de sănătate a aparatului urinar si pentru imbunătăţirea funcţiei de excretie a rinichilor.
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Renal and abdominal ultrasonography shows no signs of abnormalities 79 in the structure or the function urine test for prostate problems the genitorurinary system. Intestinal parasitosis — Enterobiasis?

The persistence of the E. Repetition of urine analysis shows every time lots of E. One month after the treatment the patient substantial decrease of the enuresis bedwetting episodes, and in a 4 months period after the treatment the patient is cured because no enuresis episodes are present anymore.

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The originality of this case report is the advanced age of the female patient. We did not find any reported case in the literature with occurrence of enuresis episodes of parasitic etiology in such an advanced age.

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Nocturnal enuresis is a clinic entity with multiple etiology: genetic, insufficient maturation urine test for prostate problems sphincter impulsion transmission routes, sleep deficiency non-REM dyssomnia and organic causes, such as infections, urinary tract obstructions at any level, lombosacral enervation deficiency in diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, sickle-cell anemia, abnormal cycles for the secretion of antidiuretic hormone DH and psycho-emotional disturbances [1, 3] Among the infectious causes of enuresis, E.

In order to formulate an etiopathogenetic theory we performed repeated analysis of the urine, everytime finding almost the same huge amount of E. Our conclusion was that the ectopic location of E. The frequent passage of the females through the urinary sphincter may be responsible for its abnormal response to stimuli and bedwetting. The failure of antiparasitic therapy may be explained by the refuge found by the oxiur females within the urinary bladder.

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Colonization Sc. Due to absence of Ivermectine in the drugstore in Romania we recommend a piperazine derivate. Conclusions 1.

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Antiparasitic therapy must contain a combination of antihelminthic drugs accompanied by sterilization of the ectopic site by instillation. The diagnostic protocol for the E. Figura 1.

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Oxiurii sunt în mod obişnuit localizaţi la nivelul tractului gastrointestinal, dar pot avea şi localizări ectopice, între care apendicele este cel mai frecvent citat.

Femelele de Enterobius vermicularis migrează noaptea din intestine în zona perianală pentru depozitarea ouălor, majoritatea reîntorcându-se la nivel intestinal sau decedând şi dilacerându-se.

Unele însă pătrund în alt orificiu din apropiere, respective cel al tractului genitor-urinar 1. International Journal of Dermatology, 44 10October Prezentăm un raport de caz cu infestare masivă, persistentă de-alungul anilor, la nivelul vezicii urinare, care a condus la dezvoltarea şi întreţinerea unui enurezis nocturn până la vârsta de 20 de ani, la o tânără fără alt tip de probleme de sănătate.