Benign prostatic hyperplasia eau

benign prostatic hyperplasia eau

David M. Albala graduated with a geology degree from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. He completed his medical school training at Michigan State University and went on to complete his surgical residency at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Following this, Dr. He has over publications in peer-reviewed journals and has authored seven books in endourology and general urology. He serves as a reviewer for eight surgical journals.

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He is considered a national and international authority in laparoscopic and robotic urological surgery and has been an active teacher in this area for over 20 years. His research and clinical interests have focused on robotic urological surgery.

benign prostatic hyperplasia eau

In addition, other clinical interests include prostate cancer markers, minimally invasive treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy BPH and the use of fibrin sealants in surgery. In addition, he has done operative demonstrations in over 32 countries and 23 states. He has trained 16 fellows in endourology and advanced robotic surgery.

Retrograde flexible ureteroscopic approach in szmptomatic calyceal calculi. Urethral ultrasound value in internal urethrotomy. Complications of BCG intravesical treatment for superficial bladder tumours - 21 years follow-up. Metachronous upper urinary tract tumours after superficial bladder tumours.

In addition, Dr. Albala is a past White House Fellow who acted as a special assistant to Federico Pena, Secretary of Transportation, on classified and unclassified public health related issues. He has published widely on both clinical and non-clinical topics in high impact journals with his work presented at several national and international urological and surgical conferences and having won several best poster prizes.

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Mr Ahmed has published widely, with nearly peer-reviewed publications and more than national and international conference presentations. He is editor and author of four urological text books and has written a number of book chapters.

benign prostatic hyperplasia eau

Mr Ahmed also benign prostatic hyperplasia eau expertise in managing lower urinary tract disorders caused by enlarged prostate or bladder dysfunction, or incontinencerecurrent urinary tract infections cystitis, kidney infectionspelvic pain and chronic prostatitis, and other general benign and malignant urology conditions.

It covers the male anatomy, physiology, and the metabolic syndromes that most commonly affect males. A range of benign and malignant conditions affecting the prostate, testes, rectum and colon are detailed.

benign prostatic hyperplasia eau

Caracteristici Features learning objectives and descriptions of key definitions to reinforce key take away messages Concisely covers latest advancements in the field Provides guidance on how current concepts of best practice could be further improved.